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FAQ about Memory Card Handling

Monday, March 6th, 2006

I just bought a memory card. Why does’t my memory card work?

Before using your electronic device with the new memory card, you must format the memory card in the electronic device. Instructions on how to format your memory card can be found in the electronic device’s guide.

What happens if I put my memory card in the slot backwards?

Memory cards are designed to prevent backwards insertion. Do not force the memory card into the slot, if your card is not sliding in easily, it is the wrong side. If you do get your memory card in backwards, your device will not be able to recognize the memory card. This action will probably not damage the card and all you need to do is remove the memory card and put it back in the correct way.

What happens if I remove my memory card from the slot while it is working?

If you remove your memory card while it is reading or, even worst, writing data you will almost definitely lose whatever data you currently have stored on the card. In the worst case scenario, your entire memory card may be destroyed.