The MMCmicro, formerly known as S-CARD introduced by Samsung, was adopted and introduced in 2005 by the MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA) as the third form factor memory card in the MultiMediaCard family. MMCmicro is the smallest, about the size of a fingernail, memory card in the MultiMediaCard family and among the smallest in the world. It was specifically designed for being used in mobile phones and other small portable devices.

The MMCmicro memory card is available with an adaptor, MMCplus. This makes it not only compatible to all MMC and MMCplus slots but also to all SD Memory Card slots. It is important to keep in mind that music stored on MultiMediaCards my not be able to play back when inserted into a SD Memory Card slot due to the copyright protection features supported by the SD slots.

Since the MMCmicro is the latest memory card to be developed and introduced to the market it is not that compatible to many mobile phones and electronic devices yet. Still it is expected to be one of the memory card formats that will dominate in the mobile phone industry among the frontrunner microSD and the under development Memory Stick Micro.
MMCmicro Price Comparison
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MultiMediaCard Association – MMCA

Dimensions in mm/inch (H x W x D)
12 x 14 x 1.1 - 0.47 x 0.55 x 0.04
Form Factor
Storage capacity
16MB - 1GB
Digital Audio Storage Digital Image Storage

Storage capacity in
Data transfer speed

Up to 10 MB/sec – 66 X
Up to 7 MB/sec – 46 X
Copyright protection
Yes – secureMMC
Write protection switch
Operating voltage
1.8 and 3.3V

MMC adapter included

Employed by
Mobile phones
Expansion modules – I/O
Memory card durability
Memory card reliability

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