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Nyko unveils a memory card reader for the Xbox 360 game console

 May 04, 2006. Provided by All Memory Cards. Source Nyko.

Nyko introduced the Multi-Reader 360 that supports the SmartMedia Card, CompactFlash, Memory Stick and SD Memory Card formats. This allows you to view pictures and listen to music stored on memory cards.

It also has a 3 USB ports that plugs into the front of the Xbox 360 allowing to connect up to four wired controllers at once or attach multiple devices simultaneously such as USB Flash Drives, iPods, MP3 Players or a PSP.

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Bang & Olufsen introduces the BeoSound 4 audio system with integrated SD Memory Card/MultiMediaCard card reader

BeoSound 4 is an audio system with built-in CD player, FM radio, and SD Memory Card and MMC card slot. It is possible to record from the radio or CD to the SD Memory Card and play back the recording on BeoSound 4, or on another portable or stationary system.

The digital portability offered by the memory card slot in BeoSound 4 is consistent with Bang & Olufsen’s strategy to increase flexibility offered by memory cards and also to exploit digital music and digital storage. The audio system supports the MP3 and WMA digital audio formats.

The Bang & Olufsen’s move is also proof that memory cards are ready to enter into the market of home audio systems. It is expected that in the near future every home and car audio system will have at least one memory card slot.

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Automakers dilemma: USB Flash Drive versus Memory Cards

Carmakers and aftermarket electronics suppliers are currently divided on the optimum removable storage format for use in automotive applications, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, “Automotive Removable Storage - Car Makers and Suppliers Divided on Format.” While the majority of retrofit automotive infotainment systems with memory cards use the SD Memory card or MMC card format, carmakers are showing a preference for USB connectivity.

The use of memory cards in automotive applications has been led by Japanese aftermarket suppliers, with Panasonic launching its first in-dash audio system with removable storage capabilities in 2000. While Japanese electronics vendors still lead the game in removable storage capable audio systems, European vendors, including Blaupunkt and Siemens VDO, have since launched similar systems. Carmakers are showing a preference for USB port integration, with five mainstream car makers incorporating the technology into concept vehicles unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005.

“USB slots are more flexible than removable memory cards. While memory cards like SD Memory Card, MMC card and Memory Stick can only be used for relaying information, USB ports can also be used to connect portable music players and transfer power to portable devices,” says report author, Clare Hughes, Analyst, Automotive Practice. “However, there are safety issues around the in-vehicle USB Flash Drive which protrude beyond the dashboard. Unlike SD Memory Cards and MMC cards, which have a standard form factor, a universal recessed slot for a USB Flash Drive cannot be designed. Since only the end connector is standardized, USB sticks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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