SIM Memory Card

The SIM, Subscriber Identity Module, Card is a small memory chip used in all mobile phones for connecting the mobile phone to the network. The SIM Card’s integrated flash memory works also as a memory card. Most of today’s standard SIM Cards have just 32 or 64 KB of storage capacity, mostly for holding personal identity information, mobile phone numbers, text messages and other data.

Since mobile phones are adding multimedia functions witch are requiring large memory capacities, SIM Card manufactures have introduced SIM Cards with larger storage capacities, allowing you to store all kinds of digital files. The first SIM Cards with 256 MB will be introduced later this year and it is expected that 1GB SIM Cards will be introduced by the end of 2006.

The SIM Card is an alternative storage solution to regular memory cards, only when it comes to mobile phones since SIM Cards are not compatible to other devices than mobile phones. There are also a very few memory card readers supporting the SIM Card format on the market. Another thing is that SIM Cards are not that portable since they have to be in the mobile phone all the time and therefore acts more like build-in storage.

The advantages of SIM memory cards are that they are compatible to all mobile phones regardless of manufacturer and age, since all mobile phones are having a SIM Card slot. This is a great opportunity if you have an older or low-end mobile phone with out a memory card slot, for boasting the phones storage capacity. The new SIM Cards enables also secure portability of personal data and DRM-protected files.
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