Stik & Stor Memory Card

US Modular introduced in the begging of 2006 the Stik & Stor Memory Card format. It is actually not really a memory card as the ones we are used to. It is a miniature external storage device, which runs a short cable inside the memory card slot connecting a small external unit that carries the storage. The external unit is attached to the external of the electronic device, which is being used on. At this moment the Stik & Stor can only be connected to microSD slots.

Another difference compared to regular memory cards is that the Stik & Stor module is using flash memory technology for the 1 and 2 GB cards and then uses a hard disk drive technology for the 4 and 8 GB cards. According to the manufacture the memory card’s transfer speed is 40 MB/sec for the cards that are based on flash memory technology.

The Stik & Stor is easy to install and is available in variety of styles and colours. The card includes also synchronization software, called Migo. With this software users can sync their computer digital files on their electronic device and vice versa.
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